The Film

Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down is a feature length (72mins) documentary that follows one girl on her journey from discovery to acceptance of her autoimmune disease/condition – Alopecia Areata (immune related hair loss.) Before she had the condition Georgia worked as a hair model, actress and comedian and relied heavily on
her appearance. When she lost her hair she was forced to completely reassess the career and life she had chosen for herself. We watch her as she grapples with this huge decision. We go with her from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure, which she soon discovers doesn’t exist.

We cry and laugh with her as she comes to terms with the fact that her only choice is acceptance. Once she makes this choice her world turns into the world she had always hoped for – one of sharing, giving back and filled with amazing children. At the end of the film Georgia realizes that whether she has hair or not doesn’t really matter at all. The difference she can make in other people’s lives by being loud and proud about her Alopecia Areata is a bigger gift than anything she could ever hope for.

Although this is a documentary about a medical condition – there is very little about this film that is like a standard medical documentary. It is full of comedy and lightness; and Georgia’s approach to her condition prevents the audience from taking it, or her, too seriously. The film features appearances by Alopecians of all ages, a number of comedians, two doctors who work with alopecia areata every day of their lives, a wig maker and a stylist, Georgia’s family and friends and even a puppet who has alopecia areata.

Georgia is fortunate enough to come from a very talented family. Her brother was the Director of Photography on the Melbourne unit of the film. Her cousin James wrote and performed four of the film’s songs and her other cousin Nick did all of the original composition and sound mixing. Besides her family members Georgia worked
with a number of very talented friends to make this documentary a reality.

 This film would not have been possible however, if it wasn’t for all of the altruistic supporters. The post-production of the film was made possible solely by community donations.

This film has been created predominantly for a TV audience, as it is Georgia’s firm belief that television is the medium that will best help this film reach the broadest audience possible. It has also been screened theatrically in festivals around the world and will soon be released on DVD and itunes.


Georgia Van Cuylenburg / I Am Spartacus Entertainment

Georgia is a talented Australian who, at her young age, is already a successful and
credited comedian, TV host, actor and voice over artist.
She was born in Melbourne and relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2005. Through her production company ‘I am Spartacus Entertainment’ she is also a credited writer and producer. Georgia is a little Aussie with a huge heart and smile, and an even bigger passion for all things that bring laughter and happiness to kids (old and young) around the world!

In Australia she gained success from being a children’s entertainer, both on TV and in theaters. She portrayed Little Pet the Recycling Bottle and Cloudia Raindrop for kids all across Australia and Asia performing numerous pantomime shows. Amongst many other fun children’s jobs she also voiced Angelina Ballerina and Jakers the Pig before she left to the U.S. Georgia gained notoriety in Australia through her award winning play readMylips... which she wrote and produced. It was a play and campaign that awarded her the 2005 Tattersal’s Enterprise and Achievement Award for breaking the silence around eating disorders and mental illness.

After relocating to the US, Georgia broadened her career by adding stand up comedy to her repertoire. She can regularly be seen at the Improvs, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory... and many other clubs around California. In 2007 she returned to her hometown to perform a one-woman show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that was sold out by the end of the festival.

Georgia’s voice over career has featured her in some of the most prolific projects across the globe. She is the lead voice for one of the top rated and selling video games to date - Final Fantasy XIII. As well, she has worked for other notable video game companies such as LucasArts and Blizzard Entertainment. Georgia also had the chance to meet her fans, numbering near 10,000 amongst a standing ovation, as special guest presenter during Comic-Con 2010’s Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy Concert.
Other noteworthy voice over projects featuring Georgia can be heard coast to coast as she portrays the Narrator and First Mate in Finding Nemo the Musical and Nemo and Friends Submarine Adventure at Walt Disney World and Disney Land Theme Parks.As a host and creator, Georgia spearheaded the launch of a kid’s award winning TV show ‘My
Magical World.’  When it comes to involvement with kids, she writes for, and mentors, a number of young child stars and dedicates a large amount of her time, as a motivational comedian and mentor, to working with underprivileged children across America.

“They are so full of laughter, joy and magic. They have a lot to teach us grown ups!”

Georgia has a firm belief that there is no reason to have celebrity, fortune or power unless you are leading by example and giving back. It has always been her intention to create a name and personality in order to positively influence the way others live their life and to improve the lives of those less fortunate. As part of this her major goal in life is to have children around the world believe in their own magic. Her passion is giving kids the love, respect and self belief they need to grow into the most amazing adults they possibly can. She jokes that she wants to be Oprah for kids…but she is serious. She looks to the day when she can have her own talk show and international movement that gives children a forum to share and not feel alone.

Her film – Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down is a very big piece of this plan. Georgia has never seen her alopecia areata as a negative element of her life. Rather she feels it is a complete gift that enables her to relate to so many people around the world and to show them that she understand what it is like to be ‘different’ or to over come challenges with one’s self image. Everyday she experiences the beautiful effect her honesty about her condition has on the people she meets. This experience encourages her to take this to a larger audience and to reach more people in the hope that everyone can feel ok to just be
who they are, to grow into the best person they can be and to love who they are no matter what issues confront them.

David M. Rudy / Armada Partners

Starting his entertainment career in 1995 at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) as an assistant Rudy soon entered their infamous mailroom as an agent trainee and went onto work under agents in the feature talent and literary departments. Rudy departed CAA in 1999 to help create a start-up venture in the electronic banking and investment sector in Madrid, Spain that was later sold to an international banking and finance company in 2000. Rudy returned to his entertainment ventures at The Endeavor Agency in the
beginning of 2001where he worked for multiple partners and agents in the talent division. While working at these agencies he was able to hone his skills and was privileged enough to work with some of Hollywood’s toptier, A-List actors, writers and directors. In 2002, Rudy left Endeavor to become a manager with Dolores Robinson at Robinson-Ward and shortly thereafter moved to Roar; a production and management company. At both Robinson-Ward and Roar, Rudy handled feature and television talent and projects and was instrumental in establishing their television and feature departments. Rudy was also essential in building the international efforts in Canada, Europe and Australia. During this time, he worked closely with the company’s entire client list while overseeing “pilot season” as well as handling feature film casting responsibilities. 2006 had Rudy partnering with long time music industry figure and manager Gerry Cagle, to launch Crysis Management’s Theatrical, Music Crossover and Production divisions. At Crysis Rudy handled a select client list of established and up and coming actors, musicians, writers and personalities in multiple countries. In 2008, Rudy officially launched Armada Partners, a company with interests in all forms of Management and Media, including Television, Film, Production, Content and Brand Representation. Armada Partners represents clients in 10 different countries over 3 continents, has strategic alliances with management and talent agencies throughout the globe as well as working to bring their clients’ concepts into reality.
Rudy is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in entrepreneurship.

Joaquin Perles / Perles Films

Perles Film’s main objective is to create a space to develop projects in the different
branches of the Entertainment Industry: cinema, television, theater, books, records,
dancing, etc and also to create an International channel of interconnection of high quality products. That means that Perles Entertainment has a deep international vocation in the different projects in which it takes part, having the headquarters in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Los Angeles and a stable partnership with Buenos Aires (Argentina). Professionals in the different production areas complete together with Joaquin Perles a solid caring and professional team, with a clear vision of carrying out projects that will cross borders and in which the artisticcollaboration among creators of different cultures and continents will be possible.
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